How It Works

What is it like to work with a writing coach?  

WRITERS—ESPECIALLY NOVELISTS—benefit from a special kind of support from a writing coach: Patience, humor, an open mind, and a steady hand help a novel writer set their roots and get growing.

If you hire me to support you, we will solve the problems that may have halted you in your writing tracks. Job one? We’ll construct a solid plan: This will be a map for the journey ahead.

We’ll ask ourselves questions, like, What approach will give your book the biggest immediate boost? And that’s where we’ll start. Then, step by step—and with all the support you need—you’ll get your next magical pages/chapters/draft done!

Jamie Morris is a true genius at her craft. She’s intelligent and thoughtful, with bone-deep wisdom about how to make a story. It took me fifteen years to get serious about this book, and I swear on my stack of all-time-favorites that I was waiting to find Jamie. She’s the creative midwife of my dreams! —Heather Rosser

Whether you are just embarking or have a solid draft in hand, I can help make your journey easier by being your novel writing coach—and a lot more fun!

If you’re wondering whether hiring a writing coach is right for you, here is an excellent resource from THE WRITER magazine to help you make your decision.

How do I help writers like you?

  • It’s important to find the time to write! If you need support getting words on the page dependably, we’ll create strategies to keep you going strong—all the way to “THE END”!
  • Unsure exactly which path your main character should travel? We’ll explore plot possibilities and choose the direction that’s most compelling.
  • Baffled by point of view, theme, or structure? Together, we’ll make powerful narrative choices that will propel your story forward—and keep readers on the edge of their seats.

But most of all? I’ll be your biggest fan! I’ll eagerly await your work each week. After l read your pages closely, we’ll discuss your plot—or pacing or voice or character arc. And you’ll leave each meeting with clear, actionable steps and a rocket-booster’s worth of creative fuel to make the most of them.

Wondering how to get started with a writing coach?

Step 1: Schedule your (free!) initial consultation

During our initial chat, I’ll want to hear all about your writing goals. And you’ll want to get a feel for my style. For instance, do you find me supportive and encouraging? Do I demonstrate my knowledge of your genre? Am I generous with my insights, right from the get-go?

All of this—and that undefinable quality called “chemistry”—will let us know if we might work well together.

Step 2: Choose your coaching package

If it’s feeling right after your free consultation (yay!), we’ll decide how we’ll begin. We might agree that developing a solid outline for your book is the best place to start. Or, if you already have an outline, we’ll get ready to launch a draft. Have a full draft? We’ll make a plan to guide your revision. Once we’ve “plotted” our first steps, I’ll help you choose your coaching package.

Step 3: We begin!

Wherever we start, our work together will be unique—because you’re unique! However, it will generally look something like this:

  • Every week or two, you’ll send me what you’re working on—a chapter or a couple of scenes, perhaps—and your current questions about it.
  • Next, we’ll meet by phone or video call to dive into the material you’ve shared—and create a strategy for your next steps.
  • By the end of our call, we’ll have assembled a set of actions that will carry you forward to your next novel writing goal post.

(And just so you know, our calls will be deep and engaging—and a ton of fun, too!)

The good news? You can trust that the reliable care and feeding provided by my writing coaching will be like Miracle-Gro for your budding novel. Expect to see significant, healthy growth from session to session!

Let’s get started

I’d love to hear about your story. You can check out my rates page to learn more, or book a free initial consultation. I can help you write your novel!

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